Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The weather is finally getting nicer and I plan on resuming work on the wheel barrow sometime soon. We actually did have a pretty mild Summer this year which was surprising, but it was still pretty warm. We didn't have 100+ days of 100+ degree weather like last year, and nothing seems to have died as a result of that heat.  I was able to get a grinder/sander and I've used it a bit, but I haven't gotten a lot of work done since I purchased it.  I cleaned and reorganized my garage so I should be able to work a little better on it. I also have another project I want to attempt, which is unrelated to the barrow.  I found that the barrow does have a few spots where the metal has rusted through, so far. I'm hoping they can be ignored, or at least repaired somewhat simply by my hands, but if that's not the case, I might have to look into getting some welding done on it. We'll have to see where that goes.