Sunday, July 8, 2012


I worked on the barrow today a little. I decided to have a bum weekend and not do any real work around the house because I was tired. But this afternoon I figured I had some time and it wasn't too super-sunny or super-hot, so I decided to work on it a bit. As stated previously, this barrow is very old and it's got lots of grime and rust from over the years. So when I tried to remove the lower part (wheel and stands) of it, I came upon frozen bolts and nuts. I ended up getting some heavy duty WD-40, as well as a couple of vise-grips. I was able to remove most of the bolts after spraying the nuts with WD-40 and letting them sit. But a couple of them were sticklers. The bolts themselves spin when trying to loosen the nuts, so the vise grips came in handy. Unfortunately, one of the bolts is bent and will have to be sawed off with a hacksaw.  It's a good thing I can just get a new set of bolts and nuts from the hardware store.  Lastly, two of the bolt heads are in a certain area/position to where even vise grips can't get a good hold of them, so removing the nuts is (at this point) impossible.  I'll spritz them again with WD-40 this afternoon and let them sit for a day or so, and see how they behave later on.

Once I get the bin separated from the handles and stands, I'll be able to start grinding the rust off in prep for painting.  What I like about this wheel barrow is that, while it'll look good after being restored, it will still look used. It'll have dings here and there. But a nice coat of paint will make it look sharp. 

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